St. Paul Lutheran School Pre-Kindergarten is a five-day a week program. Classes are held from 8:10 to 11:30 a.m.

The Pre-Kindergarten program is a high quality kindergarten-readiness program designed to teach your child those things needed for success in kindergarten and on into first grade. Students are taught the building blocks of reading including letter recognition, sounds, and handwriting. They learn math skills including number recognition, counting, shapes, color, and calendar information. Students practice daily fine motor skills through cutting, gluing, drawing, and writing. They increase their memory skills through memorization of songs, hymns, and Bible stories. Students attend chapel each day with the rest of the school, receive weekly catechism instruction taught by Pastor Ball with the Kindergarten class, and participate in twice-weekly music class with pre-violin instruction and singing.

Outdoor Classroom

Every Wednesday, the students explore an off-campus, 60-acre outdoor classroom where they engage in hands-on learning with many physical, cognitive, and psychosocial benefits. The children love learning science, art, math, and more while enjoying God's beautiful creation.

“Now since the young must leap and jump, or have something to do, because they have a natural desire for it which should not be restrained (for it is not well to check them in everything) why should we not provide for them such schools, and lay before them such studies?”

-Martin Luther, 1524