Student Responsibilities

Each student is responsible for his or her own actions. Students are expected to conduct themselves in ways that honor the Ten Commandments and the Words of Christ from Matthew 22:36-39

“Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” And he [Jesus] said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

The behavioral expectations established by the school are designed to prepare students for the responsibilities and situations they will face later in life; and to prevent interruptions to learning caused by unpreparedness or behavioral disruptions. The school encourages all to conduct themselves in attitude, demeanor, and work as befits their God-given vocations.


To have a successful school year it is expected that students will:

  1. Honor and obey all authorities.

  2. Show respect to other students and their belongings.

  3. Respect and care for all property and materials.

  4. Complete assignments on time and turn in assignments to the teacher at the designated time.

  5. Complete assignments neatly and per directions.

  6. Seek further explanation of directions from the teacher if assignment directions are not clear.

  7. Use the assignment sheets according to grade level expectations.

  8. Bring required materials or supplies to the classroom on time.

  9. Follow the school dress code.

  10. Keep personal areas neat.

Dress Code

Children come to school to learn; anything that detracts from the learning process is not appropriate in the classroom. It is recognized that there are varied opinions as to what constitutes neatness, modesty, and appropriateness. St. Paul Lutheran School requests the cooperation of students and parents in adhering to the school’s published dress code as we seek to glorify the Lord. We will not require the parents to purchase clothing at a specific store, except for one logo polo shirt and one logo outerwear. We believe strongly that the dress code adds to proper decorum and a sense of school identity.

Shoes: Gym shoes may be worn. No sandals, crocs, open toe, or high heels, shoes that light up, and no shoes with the back out. Snow boots and rain boots are worn only on snowy/rainy days and children will need appropriate shoes to wear once inside the building.

Hats: Hats and scarves are not to be worn in the building. No sun glasses.

Jewelry: Up to two stud earrings per ear are allowed for girls only. No hoop or dangling earrings. Students may wear a wristwatch and cross necklace. No other jewelry is allowed.

Make-up: Natural-colored cosmetics as blemish coverage may be worn. Nail polish must be natural/clear or pale pink.

Gym uniform: Children will be provided with a gym uniform for P.E. class. Proper gym shoes will be required, and may not be worn outside of the gym. This is to keep our gym floor in good condition. Children will need to bring shoes from home when P.E. will be outside if they do not wear gym shoes that day to school.

Designated special event requirements: Navy polo shirt with school logo and either khaki pants or skirt. Dress shoes will be required for some events. Dress Code may be altered by principal for special events or outings.

Clothing, hair, and grooming should not call undue attention to one-self but be in harmony with the practices of a Lutheran School.

Pants: Khaki or navy “Docker style” pants or shorts, with a solid colored belt with no ornamentation. Shorts may be worn from April 15th to October 15th (principal may alter dates due to weather conditions) and must be no shorter than three inches above knee. Pants should fit snugly around waist or hips without exposing under garments. Pants must be in good condition, with no fraying or holes.

Shirts: Red, white, or navy short-sleeved or long-sleeved polo-style shirt only, with no writing or logos except St. Paul’s logo on shirts. One shirt per student with school logo will be required to be purchased. Shirts should be tucked in. Plain, long-sleeved shirts or turtlenecks within the color code may be worn under collared polo-shirts. Only top button may be unbuttoned.

Skirts/skort/jumper: Khaki or navy skirt/skort/jumper should be within three inches of the knees when standing.

Undergarments: Worn as intended and not to be visible. Undershirts must be gray or school colors.

Sweaters: Red, white, or navy colored sweater may be worn. No writing or logos except St. Paul’s logo. Students may also wear St. Paul’s Logo Sweatshirt over polo. Sweater or sweatshirt may not be draped around neck or waist. No jackets or hooded sweatshirts worn in school.

Socks/stockings/tights: Must match each other, be in color code or black (may include athletic socks), and be a solid color. No fishnet stockings. Leggings in color code may be worn as long as skirt or jumper meets length requirement set in dress code.

Please refer to your full student handbook for additional information.
Contact the office if you do not have or cannot find your copy of the student handbook.